Two Feathers

This is one of the most spread out and least traditional of all elven tribes. The Two Feathers tribe has a strong connection to Cabal and claim that they are older than even the Children of the Storm. Two Feathers elves can be found in all factions, among the guilds and even among the faction-less.


Elves of this tribe have heavy animal imagery, specifically focused on birds. Often families will name their children after a bird leading to many within the tribe having the same name. It is not uncommon for entire families to keep the same name and come to be known as a “flock” of that specific bird. The most common names include Dove, Sparrow, Wren and Robin. Additionally, Two Feathers will often tattoo themselves with patterns that involve birds, wind or other insignias related to birds such as claws, feathers and predatory eyes.


The tribe is least traditional in that it has the least unified and codefied traditions. Typically, all members of the Two Feathers clan keep to the pattern of naming themselves in an avian like manner. It might also be found that most keep homes that resemble roosts or nests and will raise their children in the same manner as non-predatory birds will. There is no true homeland for the tribe other than Cabal as a whole. They all have a series of similar origin myths that go back to when Cabal was built. The Two Feathers claim that they came to Cabal at the direction of the great spirit, Nox Varanjar, meaning Black Raven. This spirit appears as a great black bird with streaks of blue on his back. The Two-Feathers claim that Nox Varanjar carried them to Cabal shortly after it was abandoned by its creators. The tribe was brought there simply to please the whims of the spirit rather than for any specific purpose. Although different families within the tribe will occasionally claim a specific reason that varies among the groups.

Two Feathers

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