Cabal is unique in that it has its own gods. Rather than being haughty, omnipotent beings residing on some separate plane, the gods walk upon the land. Whoever or whatever created Cabal is unknown even to them. None of these gods are inherent or native to the city. Each has come here for their own purpose. Some have run from their own worlds to avoid death, others no longer have a world to call home while others only planned to come to the city for a short time and ended up staying. The stories of how each god has moved to Cabal can be found in their own separate entry.

In Cabal, gods are incredibly powerful individuals. Some are mortals who wrenched their power from a spirit while others were once spirits that surpassed even the greater spirits in power and strength. God rely upon the worship of their followers for power. While nearly all of them are greater in power than any of the spirits, they vary in strength as much as those spirits do.

A God is not made, but rather born. No immortal is born a god but rather moves itself to that position. The process is complicated, long, and arduous for immortals, although oddly easier for mortal beings. The gods keep the process secret from all other immortals, for some fear that the greater spirits would rise up into their ranks. Some few mortals and immortals have, however, discovered how to create god from a mortal. The process requires only that they wrench a domain from a spirit by defeating it. Of course, defeating a spirit is far from easy.


Beings commonly known as Spirits are the subject of many myths and legends. My colleagues and I have performed several studies with the aid of Oolonth, the Earth Thunder. Oolonth, as many know, is worshiped by the gnomes of the Underforge for his immense powers and kindness. We queried him on many subjects to try and understand what exactly it is. While it seems as if he is at first simply an extraordinarily powerful and intelligent earth elemental, our multiple tests and rituals did not register him as such. Rather, Oolonth appears to be a unique outgrowth of our world. He may have once been a simple elemental, but he has long since left the realm of our understanding. I would go so far to say that these Spirits are, for all practical purposes, Primordial Gods. They have immense powers and many seem to have complete control over aspects of reality which would suggest they hold the powers of a God. However, others do not seem to have this dominant control.

My colleague, Archibold Danantu of the Orveld Academy, suggests that these spirits do indeed have the power of gods, but not the qualities. His theory builds on the theory that a God’s power is proportional to their worshipers and a Spirit does not seem to have this. Whether this is a weakness or a strength of these Immortals is a curious question, but far from the capacity of our rituals to observe or determine. Perhaps if Laris would allow us to analyze a sample of his blood…
–From the Journals of Headmaster Engem Ormor, deceased.

There are two kinds of spirits: Lesser and Greater. Lesser spirits are creatures that are immortal but do not possess a domain. This is a broad term used to refer to a wide variety of creatures although, generally, it excludes undead. An exception is with ancestor spirits of the Hand of Bone. The strongest of which are considered lesser spirits, although it is rumored a few might even be greater spirits. Other lesser spirits would include the developed souls of objects or places such as trees or ancient buildings, creatures that have achieved immortality such as some few old dragons, and the Eir’Enai.

Greater spirits are spirits that hold domains. No one is sure how these immortals came about. Many are often worshipped as gods, although they receive no benefits from this worship. An example of this can be seen in Oolonth, the Greater spirit of Stone who is worshipped by the Underforge and the Raven Queen, who’s dark touch is worshipped by those across the factions. Other greater spirits include Sephone of the Clocktower, holding the domain for Bats, and Black Lunacy, holding the domain for Madness.


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