The guild’s leaders are constantly shrouded. When grand meetings are held between all members, the leaders only appear as silhouettes of six humanoid people standing on a platform. The small fortress that the guild is located within is built of magic-imbued obsidian rock that reflects no light. None of the current members know when or who first began the group.

The current members of the Azarien are recruited through various processes. Many are former orphans who are brought and trained at a very young age. Others are sought out as having exceptional talent and are then trained to be expert warriors. The third method comes from those who either accidentally or purposefully seek out the guild for membership. Those who try to gain membership in this way must undergo the harshest of training and tests to determine if they are suitable candidates.

The Azarien are, in essence, a mercenary group. The majority of the members know it only as such and aim simply for material wealth. However, the upper echelons of the guild have ulterior motives. These motives drive them to direct members to take specific jobs for various reasons and purposes.

License The Azarien are in a peculiar position within Cabal. Practically any guild seeking wealth by arms can not find work without being Reaver-approved. The guilds that are not are untrusted and cheap. The Azarien is one of the very few that established itself as a strong guild without a Reaver approval and licensing. This places it in both a powerful and precarious position. It must constantly prove that it deserves a high position while combating against those assassin guilds that are Reaver approved and seek to unseat the Azarien.

The Azarien are known to make use of Danava in their missions.


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