Third District

The Arcanist Academy likes to rule itself, and subsequently everyone in its district. Third District is a place of miracles. The lamps are constantly lit by magic, the central squares are places for magickal pranks, teaching and performances. Lectures are given within these areas by the magically inclined also. Wizards, Mages, Sorcerers, Witches, Bladesingers, Priests, Acolytes, Cultists, Shamans, whatever they choose to call themselves, all dwell within this district to some degree. Third District is one of Union’s five districts.

Locations of Interest:


Arcanist Academy: The renowned wizarding academy in Union. It is so well known for its exceptional teaching that the nearby factions occasionally send their children to it. The school is looked after by Head Chancellor Alacer Indariel

Academy’s School for Witchcraft & Potions: This is a small school that serves as a subsidary to the main Arcanist Academy. It is not given nearly as much prestige and teaches the arts of alchemy among other hedge-magic. Until recently, Aryiella Craft had been working here as a guest lecturer.

Field Tower: A singular dwelling place for several halfling wizards in the district. The tower and school are both owned by Rontin Fields who teaches numerous halflings and the occasional gnome or dwarf. One of his pupils that the players have run into has been Johnson
Taverns, Inns & Shops

Grendel Inn: A tavern down a small side road beside the Arcanist Academy. The owner is a graduate and works out deals with students or visitors to the academy. The sign bears a crouching, green goblin with a red sphere in its hands.

Saunder’s Magicked Arkana of Glorious & Illustrious Past A makeshift museum filled with many magical items. Some of the items may even be legitimate. Also the last seen location of the Book of the Furious Roar. The curator, a small man with a balding head, told the party about Sephiun’s Bow, The Horn of Purity, and that it was last seen in the Citadel of Synoch.

Alarcarien Circle

The Third District of Union has many large, magical circles centered around meeting places. Alacarien Circle is the second largest of these. It’s located just west of the center of the district and is surrounded by homes of important magicians, wizards, witches and the like. The circle was developed prior to Union’s establishment. It is one of the five major reasons that Third District has become a hallmark for magical innovation and study.

No one is quite certain who crafted the original circle, but it was none other than the famed priest Tyssal and his companion, the Arch-Wizard Amosi Unddon who renewed its magical prowess. The original circle was crafted as a protection magic. However, portions of the outer edge had been obscured and had weakened the power of it. Tyssal and Amosi combined divine and arcane magicks to not only repair the damage but to imbue the circle with additional properties. Not only would it allow protection to those within from what occurred outside the circle, but it would prevent damage from magickal combat, mistakes in casting and other perils. They intended for it to be an ideal place to practice magic.

These qualities have caused Alacarien Circle to become a central hub for magical schools. The premier tower in the area is the Arcanist Academy built by and still headed by named Alacer Indariel. The circle was named after Alacer, who was Amosi’s star pupil.

The leader of the Children of the Cloak, Priestess Flynn, has taken to giving sermons here.

Third District

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