_Ogma, Gooma, Devellis_
Titles: The Librarian, The Scribe, Recorder, The All-Knower, Aer-Pluma dea

Portfolio: Knowledge, Prophecy, Writing, History, Destiny

Symbol: An open book with the rune for knowledge inscribed on the left page.


Adjacent to the world that the goddess of the moon came from rests the world of Albia Calla. Albia Calla was a small planet with few heroes and even fewer deities. For some peculiar reason, there was no great destinies ever present amongst the world’s mortal population. Now, this may not seem to be a great tragedy but this world shows the decline existence when no bright novas are ever born. This was a bleak and desolate world lost of hope overrun with demons, beasts and other monsters. No heroes rose up to fight them, to right wrongs or to challenge the harsh authority that kept everything in such an awful state. In fact, no heroes rose up. Ever. Throughout the entire history of the world it was in steady decline. It was so bleak that not even the monster hordes had much desire to lay waste to civilization. Rather the common man dwelt in their own hopeless misery. A thick layer of dust and depression lay across even the happiest of minds. Whether this was from the world’s lack of destiny or simply an aspect of the world itself known truly know.

The god of prophecy and destiny did his best to challenge this status. Known as Ogma to most, Devellis to a few and Croaithin to even fewer, this god furiously searched other ways to reignite this planet’s spark. To lift the veil of suffering and perhaps start a revolution. Unfortunately, there existed no god of inspiration or similar in this world and nothing he did seemed to effect the current stream of time. Eventually populations began to die simply from the pain of their own sorry existence. Many of the other gods fled at this point, giving up on the futile world and its sickly peoples. And so it came to be that Ogma was the only god to watch its decline and perhaps one of the few ever to see a world die in such a manner. The husk of the world still floats along the Astral Sea, empty of all but flies and toads. The end was so horrifying that Ogma never speaks of it although it is said he has lengthy recordings of this end.

And so he was left a god without a planet. A god without worshippers, without power and without strength. He became reclusive and sunk into a form of hibernation rarely, if ever, broken free from. Fortunately for Croaithin, the goddess Illiumine of Torin saw him sinking through the Astral Sea while she sat upon the night sky in her pearly fortress and looked out upon the world and into the planes beyond. She felt his plight, although she knew naught of it and flew to him on a chariot of black and white stars. It is said the trail of her passing is still present in the nightsky in the constellation called Illimine’s Ride. Ogma was brought back to her palace and slowly awakened to this new world. He was fully presented as a god when his name appeared in every written text for an entire day after which it suddenly disappeared. The elves still call him Croaithin, Holder of the Eighth Eye, Crie’ Kalia while the dwarves have dubbed him Yafre, Spinner of Time, Old Man Yafre, The Minister of Books. Some in Cabal even dare to call him Farsnook, for they suspect he is one and the same.

Ogma had built a grand cathedral in the form of a library, a vast and expansive library consisting of books from across the realm. Of course, no one is truly sure where this library rests for it is said no mortal eye has ever seen its halls. And yet, others say the secret to Ogma and who he is lays within the mysteries of Cabal…


Worship of Ogma varies across faction and race. Each group worships him in their own way and even among the factions there are arguments. Ogma’s names vary as does his appearance among the Factions. In general, most of his churches follow one or more of his portfolios. The most common are history and writing. While not a god of learning, many of the organizations have chosen to take up this art for themselves. Every library in the city, at least those that are still inhabited by the main sentient races, also couples as a temple to Ogma.


Mission Statement: To share with those who seek to learn

The Church of Ogma follows this faction’s general theme—unification and organization. The main cathedral is located in the heart of Union’s Central District with several temples in the other districts of Union. There are several scattered temples among the outlying towns and villages of the faction.

The cathedral is called the Library of Ministry. It’s a large building with four spires built of grey granite and designed with old, gothic appearance. The interior is a large hall with four balconies. The walls are covered in tomes and books. Several desks lay about in organized rows. The interior, for all intensive purposes looks mostly like a large library. Near one end lays the altar with several pale wooden benches before it. Small, leather pads rest on each seat. Behind the altar is a flat, white stone with a statue of Ogma standing on it. Ogma is an old man with spectacles carrying a tome in long, stately robes. He has a tonsure shaved on the top of his head, a style which is followed by all the higher clerics and some lower clerics in the church.

The priests walk around slowly in dark blue robes, in no hurry. They are scribes and teachers, giving information to those who come to look for it and trying to guide the use of that knowledge for the best of the city, which is of course in unifying it.

Goals: The church exists to record and to teach. As such, the church is divided into two sects.

The Sect of the Pen: These are the scribes, they call the god of Knowledge-Gooma, The Scribe, the All-Knowing. They seek to record everything that occurs in Union. The Sect of the Pen is present in factions across Cabal and occasionally work together in order to fill in details. It is rumored that there is a secret sect among them called the Sect of the Quill, which writes the Tome of Ae- Pluma Dea. The tome is a collection of all the history of Cabal.

The Sect of Pages: This group of the church are the teachers. They are exclusive to Union and follow the dream of Union to unify the city. They hope to manage this by spreading knowledge of the past and of the factions. Among them are those who endorse specific aspects of the past whether it be war or negotiation.


Among Ogma’s church, rank is strictly adhered to. There are extensive tests of knowledge that are required to pass on to higher rank.
Seeker of Lore: the lowest rank in the priesthood, held by many. These are minor brothers who are allowed to only the public libraries. Seekers dwell in large, public rooms.

Follower of Lore: The second rank, and the first rank that is allowed to access the first of the secret libraries. To achieve this rank, a brother must have been a member of the church and a Seeker of Lore for at least four years and take a test on their knowledge of ancient civilizations, factions, wars and spirits. Followers are allowed quarters with three fellow Followers. These groups of four are referred to as a Record.

Warden of Lore: The full ranked members of the Library of Ministry. They have access to both levels of the secret library. Each Warden of Lore has their own quarters deep beneath the Library. The wardens can come and go from the Library as they please.

Warden of Seekers: This rank is a singular position given to one Warden of Lore. They are expected to arrange for the lessons and teaching of the Seekers of Lore and prepare them for their test.

Caretaker: The caretaker is a singular position. The caretaker is second only to the Provost of the Library. Their duties are to apply tests to the Followers to achieve the Warden rank, to initiate new Followers, and to arrange for meetings between the Provost and the Wardens. The Caretaker acts as a scribe and secretary to the Provost.

Provost: The Provost is the head of the Library of Ministry. This position is selected by the Wardens when the current Provost either dies, steps down, or is deposed by the Wardens. A majority of at least 70% is required for the Provost to be elected into position. They are expected to lead the Library, enact policy and serve as their official functionary. When the Provost is selected, they may choose to promote a new Caretaker and Warden of Seekers.


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