You were ambushed by a second group of Azarien assassins led by a dusky-skinned woman in a shroud and dress wielding a longbow. The battle was treacherous as the assassins fired from their protective forest coverings, knocking Gorfang and Squigy unconscious in the fight. Loril revealed her talents and ran to help, tossing icicles and water lashes at the last moment. She also freed Riegel, the Ringer who was eager to try and convince you of his innocence by pummeling assassin faces. At the last minute, the leader and one of her archer allies escaped while you managed to capture Shirez, another Azarien.

XP gained: 335 per person.

left behind on the battle field are a pair of gloves from the archer: Gloves of the Healer Item Slot: Hands Propert: When you use ap ower that has a healing keyword, one target regains an extra 1d6 hit points. Power (daily, healing) Standard action. Spend a healing surge. An adjacent ally regains hit points equal to the value of the healing surge you lost.


Alright looks like my headset is broken. Not too bad of a week for this since Robbie isn’t making it and Eric doesn’t seem to be around.

Okay also from now on, for the arena fights we have when 2 players or more are missing, you can make your own team. You have 600 experience to make the team. No monsters over level 4. No custom monsters. No elites, No solos. Standards only. The xp was calculated based on how a group of 4 level 3 monsters.

From now on, arena fights will win you gold as opposed to items. Tissues can be exchanged for gambling gold usable only with arena fights.

A reward is given for the winning team in addition to any rewards given for gambling.

January 27

1. You open your eyes and see four black-masked figures completely cloaked in darkness. A glittering, blue sphere is held on a pillow by a fifth which approaches quickly. The procession walks down a black-stoned hallway to a door flanked by two more of the black figures. You can hear the mumblings of magic, but too faint to make out much else. The doors are opened and the procession hurries inside, placing the pillow upon a silver pedestal in the center of the otherwise bare room. The five then exit the room and shut the door, leaving the sphere within.

2. As your eyes open, you see a tall, regal dragonborn before you. She bears a staff with a crescent moon on the top of it and is draped in white robes. Her platinum scales shimmer in the light and small birds flutter around her head and shoulders. A silver blade is strapped around her hips. She lifts a cold, blue sphere into the air and places it on a granite altar. Across from her is a fully armored man wearing a silver sallet with two wings jutting from the sides. He has a cape of velvet blue with a golden spiral moving to the right. In his hands is a longsword with golden handle and a sapphire in the hilt. As one, the two figures lift their blades and bring them crashing down on the sphere. An explosion of white clouds your vision.

3. Heavy incense and smoke fills the air. A wide, circular table is surrounded by shrouded men. Each wears a simple golden mask and there is little light to identify them by. Walking around the table are white-skinned men that move in silence and with a supernatural grace. A woman in a white dress sits in the center of the table with a blue orb in her lap. Each of the masked men is taking turns pounding gold coins onto the table and shouting bids for the object. She looks up and smiles at you, revealing long, sharpened canines.

Your vision clears and you see a small army of figures in red armor engraved with flames wearing helmets that look like fire is growing from their skulls. A man with fiery red eyes stands among them wearing a long, red cloak. A blue orb is held in his hands and he is laughing. You can see white and blue swirling inside the orb, but it slowly blackens and becomes mixed with red and orange. Suddenly the sphere bursts outward and chilling, black flame floods the area. You see it flood across the city, freezing and burning everything in its path.

Your eyes open and you look up onto a high platform. Four figures in white robes are standing before a slowly rotating, circular stone with a hole in the middle. White, powdery snow is falling everywhere at a steady rate. The lead figure in white holds up a glistening blue bauble which begins to glow with strong white light. The ring stops rotating and begins to crack, shattering into a million pieces. A bright white light clouds your vision.

January 6

After a long and grueling dungeon, the players came face to face with Flynn. The Priestess summoned chilled undead and winter spirits to protect her, but in the end the players triumphed. Flynn fell to the ground, knocked unconscious by Dakker’s last blow. The room beyond held the two kidnapped children and a mysterious, black-haired lady. All three had been beaten severely. After releasing the black-haired lady, Flynn’s body shattered apart and reformed as a monstrous dragon. At the same time the world fell apart and plummeted away beneath them.

Rewards: Fynn’s Ice Jewel: Lv 7 item that needs to be placed in a gauntlet to be used.

Power (Daily ✦ Cold): Free Action. Use this power when you make a melee attack. 
Change the damage type dealt by that attack to cold.
On a hit, the target is also slowed until the end of your next turn.
Also, you deal an extra 1 cold damage on successful melee attacks until the end of the encounter.
If you’ve reached at least one milestone today,
instead gain an extra 2 cold damage on successful melee attacks until the end of the encounter.

All players gain enough experience to put themselves at level6. Please have your level ups ready for next session!

December 16

Due to an unexpected delay to starting plus most players not showing up, we ran a gladiator match. James gains a lv 4 or below magic item of his choice. William gets a Tissue, three tissues can be used to exchange for a magic item.

Next week we won’t be playing. I know that Robbie will likely be in DC without access and I’m sure most people don’t want to play the day before Christmas eve.

Next Week

Next week on Wednesday I have a final from 5:30 – 9:00 Central, PM. Do you all still have classes next week? If not, shall we play later in the day? Or will Thursday at 8:00 EST work? I’ll try to send out emails/facebook msgs about this when I have time.

EDIT: My test is on Tuesday..I’m an idiot. Okay so Wednesday, at 7:00 EST which is what we had planned for this week. See you guys!


Okay so last week we had agreed and decided to start tomorrow at 7 EST, which is 6 Central. Keep an eye on this post, because I may not be able to make it, or may just be late. There is a crazy in-depth research project due next Tuesday on top of finals to write.

EDIT: NO game tonight guys, this project is going to take another twelve hours..

Week 12.2

The party teamed up and took out a storage area filled with daemonic circles. The second battle was against a room filled with ice and several hobgoblins which pushed the players around on the ice.

The party got three sets of IceWalker boots. These are straps you can put over your boots in order to gain Icewalk, which counts ice as normal terrain. Tell me before we play next, or before the next battle who takes a pair of the boots. EDIT: If no one tells me that they take a pair, it is assumed that you left them on the bodies. Better hope that you guys check this. Hehe.

A total of 230XP is earned by each player.

New Player

Next week we will likely have a new player. The Unification Corps will be sending a member of Second District’s Corps to join your team. The reason is due to gasp some fun retconning.

Your last assignment was to investigate the death of Council-Member Argent Brock. One of your friends, Cenn Teeg, died during the investigation. For more information, take a look at his NPC page. The Corps normally would have assigned a new member instantly, but did not feel any of Central District’s members were currently good enough to join in on Special Initative 191.


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