Cenn Teeg


Cenn Teeg was a member of the Unification Corps in Central District. He joined up prior to the Battle of Two Bridges and fought there alongside Wren Scarwing, a famous lieutenant in the Corps. As a dwarf, he had a hard time with the battle since it was against the Underforge, many of whom were fellow dwarves. His family had left the Underforge faction when he was but a baby due to arguments between his father, a priest of Laris, and the religion of that faction. Union was to be a place of new beginnings for all of them.

During the battle, Cenn showed himself to be a capable warrior and scout. He served as a forerunner who would warn the troops of when attacks were incoming. He also spied upon enemy encampments. He was honored to be selected to join Special Initiative 191, an elite group of Unification Corps members who would take on special tasks in Central District. Their activities eventually moved to encompass the whole of Union’s city and all the area considered to be part of the faction.

While sneaking into the home of Traik Solomon, Cenn was incinerated by a carefully arranged trap. Traik was soon captured and arrested by the rest of the Initiative.

Cenn Teeg

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