A deva wizard haunted by memories of his past incarnation, also a powerful mage.


Male Deva Wizard 6 (Good)
Multiclass Cleric
Worships Ogma
38 HP
AC 18, Fort 15, Ref 19, Will 20
Orb of Imposition
Arcana, History, Insight, Religion, Diplomacy trained

Equipment of note:
Orb of Impenetrable Escape +2
Robe of Contingency +1
Amulet of Protection +2
Viper Belt
Catstep Boots
Power Jewel


Inolyr appears to be a tall, hairless man in his 30’s, though his current incarnation is only 20 years old. His skin is a pale grey, only a few shades from a corpselike pallor, but his face and arms are crossed by vibrant blue markings. His thin physique, immaculately clean clothing, and everpresent glasses would mark him as a noncombatant to most, were it not for his self-assured presence and the faintly glowing orb at his waist. In combat, he exhibits an unshakable focus, calmly plotting areas and trajectories in which to unleash his power for maximum effect. At other times, he stays relatively quiet, but keenly watches the people around him – his instincts have caught more than one criminal in a crucial lie.

Inolyr’s greatest fear is of straying too far off the path of good. His studies have taught him all too well that a careless Deva could fall, becoming one of the feared Rakshasa. Because of this, he tends to avoid drinking, smoking, and other pleasures of the flesh, though he does not criticize others’ decisions to partake. He is sometimes disheartened by his colleagues’ ideas of proper conduct, but feels that the best way to instruct them is through example.


Inolyr’s birth, or rather rebirth, took place in a small temple to Ogma (from the website) in the Union district. He is unsure why he appeared in this particular holy place, but he has taken it a sign – one of his life’s goals is the acquisition of knowledge. To this day he is a follower of Ogma – while many wizards scorn the gods, or even deny their existence, Inolyr knows better. He does not draw power directly from the gods – indeed, he believes that serving them without drawing their energy is more noble. Rather than following a god for power, he does so because he chooses to.

After five years performing menial tasks at the temple, Inolyr could stay no longer. His memories (see below) were growing more persistent, and he vowed to master the arcane power they promised. He enrolled in the Arcane University, and soon became one of their top students. In the end, though, the differences were too great – too many wizards simply wanted power for its own sake, rather than for a useful end. Inolyr left the University and joined the Unification Corps, hoping that his power could be used to make the world a better place.


Like all Devas, Inolyr’s mind is filled with half-remembered scenes from a thousand past lives.These memories allow him to draw on his ancestors’ guidance and wisdom to succeed in his tasks. The memories of one ancestor in particular are the strongest, and in his estimation, the most recent: a powerful wizard, fighting with little regard for his own life to achieve some grand goal, and ultimately failing. One memory in particular haunts him: his eyes closing for the last time as a sword plunges through his chest, with his last sight being the waning third-quarter moon. In fact, the memory is so powerful that his chest aches during that phase of the moon. Despite his education, Inolyr has learned nothing of who his past self was, or what task he wanted so desperately to succeed at.


Recently, Inolyr has begun studying other forms of magic, specifically that practiced by divine casters. He theorized that, being born of the Astral Sea, home of the gods, he had some innate capacity to channel divine power. Unfortunately, his training with the arcane had blocked out any potential to harness that power directly. For some time, he struggled to fuse together the two traditions, with little success. Finally, he received his epiphany in the form of Priestess Flynn’s transformation into a dragon. He did not fully understand the magic of transformation, but he saw how it could be applied on a metaphysical scale. Properly channeled arcane energy could tap into his innate divine power, altering it into energy he could use to further his own purposes.


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