Abilities: Water Bond: +1 to hit with water attacks Wave lancer—When within 5 squares of a square with water, deal 1d6+2 damage. Abilities: Str: 10, Con: 15, dex: 10, Int: 18, Wis: 14, Cha: 12 HP: 30 Surges: 5 AC: 17, fort: 14, ref: 15, will: 14 Powers: Flood Tide: +7 v Fort, Range 5, 1d8+4 dmg, and target is slowed until end of next turn. That square counts as having water in it.

Splash: Encounter, close blast 2, all in burst, +7 v. Fort, 1d6+4 cold dmg, targets are slowed until end of turn. Targets suffer a -2 to attack rolls.

Shard of ice, daily, minor action, ranged 5. Summons a shard of ice in an unoccupied square. The shard can attack a greature near it for +7 v fort, 1d8+4 dmg, and foe is immobolized.

Sodden: encounter, area burst 2 w/in 5. Minor action. Creates zone of wetlands. Counts as difficult terrain that contains water, all creatures with fire keyword suffer a -2 to all defenses and attacks while in zone. Persist minor.

Items: Magic Trident +1, hide armor Skills: Nature, heal Feat: Empowering elementalist


Description: Long black hair, dusky skin, blue and white tunic. She has dark brown eyes and wears her hair pulled back with a leather cord.

Loril’s a thief and a mercenary. She was raised in the [[Temple of Shifting Waves]] by the water elementalists and learned her arts there. Its a rare ability to be able to manipulate the elements through force of will alone. She spent a time traveling with Thalin, a kind-hearted scoundrel and gambler. The two had a brief love affair and friendship while plundering forgotten dungeons. When the two separated, they kept brief contact with one another. When the Nor’Thalin requested her aid on a special assignment by the Cosa nostra, Loril agreed.


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