Priestess Flynn

Priestess of the Chosen of Culedphal, leader of the Children of the Cloak


The Third District of Union is rife with magicians of all kinds. It’s also the perfect place for the Children of Culedphal to recruit and as such, the location of one of their headquarters. Those with even minor magical ability are eager for quick advancement in the art. The Children promise salvation and glory to all under the following of a mysterious Lord. They publicly call themselves the Children of the Cloak to avoid identification with the crazed Ringers, or Chosen of Culedphal.

Priestess Alicia Flynn is a powerful ice magician who has traveled from the Chosen of Culedphal to begin this branch-off faction. She follows the orders of a mysterious figure who communicates through a magic ring. Alicia is a devout leader to the cause and sees it as a way to bring greatness to Cabal. She ignores the strange interactions between her patron and the bodyguards the patron provides, a small army of vicious gnolls who seem more barbaric and tribal then typical. She sees any who oppose them as evil in all respects and unworthy of even basic human needs.

Priestess Flynn

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