Aryiella Craft

A member of the esteemed Craft family from the Hand of Bone, currently missing.


The traditions of the Craft family go back beyond even immortal understanding. At least that’s what grandmother Craft always tells those who come for the family’s particular talents. Within the Hand of Bone faction of Cabal, people actually seem to understand, or at least accept, these strange individuals. Craft witchcraft draws on physical objects to converse with, control and otherwise use those who are no longer alive but still tied to the physical world.

Aryiella Craft is no exception to this tradition. She was born with the power to hold an object and connect to people who had once owned that item. The way that she uses this power has a myriad of results from communicating between living relative and dead relative, discovering long lost treasures and even bringing forth powerful warriors to protect the weak and innocent. Some call her a necromancer, others call her a hero. Aryiella has long ago left her ancestral home nestled away within a safe and understanding neighborhood to instead walk the world. She desires to speak to the greatest heroes, and even villains, the world has ever seen. As such, she hunts down rumors of the vast treasures these people had left behind long ago.

Her method of dress stems from her own external realization of her inner whimsical and ephemeral emotions and thoughts. While she has a goal and desires to achieve it, she finds it difficult to stay on the same path for long. While one day she will be hunting down the secret to the lost lair of King Hap of Many Hats, the next she will be looking to steal into the abode of the great wizard Arawack to speak to Arawack’s now deceased Council of Six and find out what really happened to result in the death five of the world’s greatest wizards…

Most recently, Aryiella has taken on a task on the bequest of her grandmother to spend a short stint teaching at Union’s School of Witchcraft & Potions. The visit was to secure connections and well-being between Union and the Hand of Bone.

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Aryiella Craft

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