Week 12.2

The party teamed up and took out a storage area filled with daemonic circles. The second battle was against a room filled with ice and several hobgoblins which pushed the players around on the ice.

The party got three sets of IceWalker boots. These are straps you can put over your boots in order to gain Icewalk, which counts ice as normal terrain. Tell me before we play next, or before the next battle who takes a pair of the boots. EDIT: If no one tells me that they take a pair, it is assumed that you left them on the bodies. Better hope that you guys check this. Hehe.

A total of 230XP is earned by each player.


Inolyr will not be wearing a pair, but he will collect any the others don’t take…

Week 12.2

Ursus will take a pair

Week 12.2

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