You were ambushed by a second group of Azarien assassins led by a dusky-skinned woman in a shroud and dress wielding a longbow. The battle was treacherous as the assassins fired from their protective forest coverings, knocking Gorfang and Squigy unconscious in the fight. Loril revealed her talents and ran to help, tossing icicles and water lashes at the last moment. She also freed Riegel, the Ringer who was eager to try and convince you of his innocence by pummeling assassin faces. At the last minute, the leader and one of her archer allies escaped while you managed to capture Shirez, another Azarien.

XP gained: 335 per person.

left behind on the battle field are a pair of gloves from the archer: Gloves of the Healer Item Slot: Hands Propert: When you use ap ower that has a healing keyword, one target regains an extra 1d6 hit points. Power (daily, healing) Standard action. Spend a healing surge. An adjacent ally regains hit points equal to the value of the healing surge you lost.



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